Cleveland County Schools offers programs of study in Career and Technical Education (CTE) to develop entrepreneurial skills for middle and high school students. Programs that teach skills needed by entrepreneurs include agriculture, business, marketing, family and consumer science, masonry, automotive, carpentry, electronics, welding, metals manufacturing, and information technology. Courses within programs teach, among others, entrepreneurship, accounting, food preparation, and personal finance. Cleveland County Schools and Cleveland Community College have an articulation agreement that allows successful high school students to use certain CTE courses for college credit. In coordination with the Cleveland County Chamber of Commerce, Cleveland County Career and Technical Education leads the Business and Education Alliance This organization allows educators and employers to work together and promotes the application of skills learned in the classroom to use in the workplace. Many of the skills and knowledge learned for industry works well for the beginning entrepreneur.
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Shelby, NC 28150
Public Education
K-12 Entrepreneurship Education
Career and Technical Education, Youth Entrepreneurship
Rhonda Benfield
Director, Career and Technical Education