Industry Expansion Solutions (IES) is the engineering-based, solutions-driven, client-focused unit of NC State University. Their broad portfolio and deep industry expertise help organizations grow, innovate and prosper. Their extensive partnerships with business, industry, education and government generate a unique culture of collaboration that provides access to cutting-edge expertise, research, and technology.
1005 Capability Drive, Suite 200, Research III
Raleigh, NC 27606
NC State Industry Expansion Solutions
IES has traditionally focused on small- to medium-sized manufacturers, but we also serve non-manufacturing businesses and government agencies across the state. Economic benefits to those entities, such as new efficiencies or jobs created or retained, are not included in MEP survey results. MEP generally surveys companies six to 12 months after an assistance project ends, so economic impact results are a lagging indicator of IES efforts.
IES expertise extends to diverse areas like process optimization; qualitymanagement; workplace health and safety; sustainability and energy; andinnovation and growth strategies. IES oversee the North Carolina Awardsfor Excellence (NCAfE) Program, modeled on the Malcolm Baldrige NationalQuality Award criteria. It also administers the membership-based mfgNCConnections and the Manufactured in North Carolina (MNC) supply chain tool.
M-F, 8am-5pm
Phil Mintz
Interim Executive Director